For you Origami moms, who have been waiting for a long time!

It is my pleasure to present to you the latest and smallest member of the Origami Bikini family: Origami Kids children’s bikinis.

The idea came from a sentence that many Origami-wearing moms might have heard: “Mom, you look so pretty in that bikini! Can I have one?” Because they want to look just like mom, of course! After all, for our little angels we are always the most beautiful, the ideal.

As the mother of a little girl myself, I know how much kids love trying on our high heels and circle skirts. Inspired by this and with the help of my 5 year old creative assistant, Zoe, the first models of the kids’ bikinis were born. Initial tests received a 100% approval rating from our miniature gals. Finally we fulfilled one of their dreams:

“It’s just like mom’s!”

-Evelin Segesvary-
bikini designer

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models Linda Zimany, Zoe Segesvary, Maya Adok | photographer Peter Juhasz