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Why choose an Origami Bikini?

♥ Because it guarantees that you'll receive the most compliments this summer.

♥ Because you'll be the most fashionable, since your bikini is based on the latest color and cut trends.

♥ Because you can wear it for a long time, due to the high quality ensured by the finest Spanish and French-made materials.

♥ Because you get a comfortable bikini for the summer, that will perfectly fit for your form in all situations. Whether you"re taking a walk on the beach, or having a wild wakeboarding session, you can be sure that your Origami Bikini will hold on.

♥ Because it beautifies a waterfront experiences for lots of women and young girls,not to mention the men who are looking at them...

♥ Because over 140.000 Origami fans joined our Facebook page, making it the biggest Hungarian bikini group on the web. Here you can share your experiences, summer pictures and it will always give you something new and trendy.


Origami-Bikini is the best choice to draw attention to yourself on the beach.

You can truly wear your bikini with pride, as we do.